Fredrick Lee

Born in Japan into a U.S. Military family, Fredrick spent much of his youth growing up in Germany. His father was an Officer in U.S. Military intelligence he took classes at the famed Leica School and was the Director of the Department of Area Studies at the U.S. Army Intelligence School at Fort Holabird. It was on this military base that Fredrick first learned to take pictures and print. In high school, Fredrick's passion for photography led Fredrick to take a job at the local camera store, during which time he attended the Maryland Institute of Art in the evening. From then on he was rarely seen without a camera.

After high school, Fredrick attended Philadelphia College of Art where he studied light, color and design, and got his foundation in art. The first year of photography was with contemporary photographer Ray Metzker, who gave him a sound philosophy in street photography. After a few years, Fredrick moved to New York and attended Pratt Institute. While majoring in photography he studied under Arthur Freed and Phil Perkis. During Fredrick's stay at Pratt, his interests included architecture, environmental design and psychology.

During Fredrick's last year at Pratt, he became an apprentice to Richard Avedon and assisted on editorials for Vogue magazine and worked on a Bloomingdale's catalog. Fredrick also had a rare opportunity to work on - Avedon Photographs: 1947-1977. Following that, Fredrick went on to assisting for Irving Penn with his still-life and with his advertising work for Clinique, Revlon and Harper Bazaar magazine. After this, Fredrick free-lanced for photographers Neal Slavin, for Time-Life magazine, Marcia Gerardi and Rebecca Blake.

For four years, Fredrick worked for Fred Schulz as a Studio Manager/Stylist in a fast-paced environment working with Art Directors and Creative Directors in an advertising and catalog studio. Accounts included Revlon, Seagrams Liquors, Gordon's Fish, Coty cosmetics, cook-books, food photography and product photography. Fredrick pursued his own personal work as a documentary photographer and free-lance photographer. His experience in set design and architecture also led to working as a decorator in New York City, having worked on high-end decorating jobs on Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. The store, En Soie, a Swiss-courtier high-fashion boutique was a long-time account that helped Fredrick establish his first studio in New Jersey. Soon Fredrick established a second studio in Boston, splitting his time between New York City and Boston. After 9/11, Fredrick decided to consolidate his studios to his Boston location and make the city his permanent home.

Fredrick has never limited himself to any particular photography, and his vast experience in studio work and the decorating business has enabled him to handle very complex photography and lighting. His travels around the world have given him vast impressions, gracious style and an open mind to new horizons. Photographing people has been a long passion, be it in a studio, on the streets of New York or in the Spanish countryside. The most important aspect of photography is the image in time. Fredrick's life-long experience as a photographer is reflected in his work.

His work has been published in magazines, newspapers, advertising and catalogs. He is often called upon to produce work for annual reports, web sites and visual presentations.

It would be his pleasure to help you see your vision.


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